what are some similaities and differences between twilight by stephanie myers and beowolf (setting, characters,tone, motifs, or authors syle)

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  • The Heroes:

Twilight's epic hero is "Edward" he is extremely handsome “like goddesses” he has supernatural powers, (fast, strong)

Twilight’s epic hero is Beowulf who is extremely handsome “and very proud about it” he has supernatural powers “no one can defeat him and he is very powerful. He is very strong.

Both heroes fight bad people, Edward is against evil and human-blood sucking vampires and Beowulf defeats Grendel because he hurts the tribe. So basically both heroes fight for good causes.

Both heroes tempt to help others and sacrifice.

While Beowulf is VERY egotistic and likes to talk about himself a lot, Edward is a bit more modest and just let everyone talk about how awesome he is and everyone wants to date him (even real people in real life :s)

  • The Setting:

Beowulf’s setting is merely a war battle in almost most of the Epic, as for Stephanie’s she likes the meadow and Bella and Edward love hanging out there, off course there are other settings but these are the major ones.

  • Tone:

The tone is Beowulf is a bit serious and story-telling tone, and its language is a bit sophisticated and hard because the epic started from the Germans and the Anglo-Saxons.

As for Twilight the tone is all admiring and Mayer describes the characters and the places a lot in her novel.

  • Motifs:

Beowulf was written in the times where warriors were glorified and so you can see how Beowulf is admired for being a good warrior.

Mayer’s motif is for entertainment and because she wrote her dream “so she said” so her motif is merely entertainment.

  • Author Style:

Beowulf’s author is not known but we all know Beowulf is a very old epic and the language is very hard and because it was written down when the monarchy started writing so you can see some biblical elements here and there.

As for Mayer her style is very simple, her language is simple as well. She doesn’t use complicated words nor does she drives the reader crazy in her plot in terms of understanding it.


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