What are some significant traces or marks that the African immigrants have had on the culture, religion, or society of the Americas?   

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Looking at the Americas as a whole, African immigrants have had a huge impact.

Some countries, like Jamaica, are populated almost exclusively by descendants of African immigrants.  This has affected Jamaican religion, for example, with the presence of Rastafarianism.  The Vodou religion of Haiti and the Santeria religion of places like Cuba show strong African influences as well.

Other countries, like the US, have much smaller African populations.  Even in these countries, however, African influence is strong.  In the US, for example, most modern musical traditions have been strongly influenced by African traditions.  Jazz and rock and roll both come from African traditions.  Even “white” music like country music uses the banjo, an instrument that was adapted by slaves from African instruments.  In these ways, African immigrants have had a tremendous impact on the society of the Americas