What were some significant social impacts of World War II?

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World War II had some significant social impacts throughout the world. In the United States, women played an important role in the war. During the war, many women went to work in the factories making supplies for the soldiers. Women also served in the military. The role women played during the war showed they were deserving of better treatment in our society. The war also showed that women were capable of doing jobs that went beyond the usual jobs that women had normally done.

African-Americans also played an important role in the war. As a result of their military efforts, African-Americans were proving that they shouldn’t have to face discrimination at home. They were fighting racism at home and abroad. President Roosevelt issued an executive order ending discrimination in hiring workers at federal defense plants. After World War II, our military became integrated.

Throughout the world, people realized the deadly consequences of hateful actions. When people learned the full scope of the Holocaust, many people vowed to never let something like that happen again.

Many Mexicans moved to the United States during World War II. As part of the Bracero Program, they came to work on the farms of California. They helped harvest crops that would provide food for the soldiers.

After the war, new technology became available to people throughout the world. New appliances and television sets became common in the homes of many people. In some European countries, the government mandated vacation time so people would have more free time to spend away from their jobs.

There were several social impacts that occurred as a result of World War II.

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