What are some significant quotes from Australian billionaire Clive Palmer?

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Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer has lived a rather colorful life, including his origins in real estate, enormously successful mining operations, political aspirations, and a leading dinosaur theme park visionary (excepting, of course, Michael Crichton). As with any prominent colorful figure, he has been frequently quoted by the Australian media, which finds him an interesting subject for news and entertainment coverage. Palmer’s plans to build a replica of HMS Titanic, as well as the aforementioned dinosaur theme park, and efforts at becoming prime minister, all make him a newsworthy public figure. Among Palmer’s more notable quotes are the following: “One person’s persistence is another person’s pig-headedness.” “Of course it will sink if you put a hole in it.” [in reference to his plans to build a replica of the Titanic] “It’s not my fault that I’ve unfortunately got so much money.” “You can only go out with one woman at a time if you’re a smart guy.” “If you put an emphasis on money, people know how they can control you.” “Change is what keeps people thinking. Change is so important to the way people develop.” “I want to spend the money I’ve got before I die.” “I’m glad 'The Australian' [a prominent local paper] doesn’t project itself as being a business publication.” [an obvious slam on the paper’s analysis of Palmer’s business decisions] Clive Palmer is considered to be a flamboyant or eccentric character in Australia. If the above list of prominent Palmer quotes is any indication, however, that reputation for eccentricity is not particularly well-earned. While some of Palmer’s ideas can be considered a little outlandish, few actually qualify as such. His success as a businessman has provided him the financial resources to indulge his dreams, but none of those dreams are particularly outside the mainstream. Whether the Titanic replica idea is wise or not is open to debate; cruise ship companies are forever planning on larger, better, more palatial floating fantasy islands, so the Titanic can be considered mainstream. Similarly, the dinosaur theme park already exists on more limited scales in theme parks around the world.
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