what are some short stories or poems that can be related to the book the life of pi.More specifically, how knowlege and the application of that knowledge can lead to survival

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One story that immediately comes to mind is "To Build A Fire" by Jack London.  A man is alone in the wilderness and he must build and maintain a fire for survival, but he makes bad decisions and mistakes along his jouney.  He certainly knows what to do, but the question is, does he do it right.

bronxbravo | Student

For low level readers with high interest I have paired The life of Pi with a book called Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner. The book is a simple read, simple characters (easy for readers to comprehend and track). According to Scholastics:

Few characters are as determined as ten-year-old Willy, once he learns that his grandfather is sick in bed because he has no reason to live. Little Willy and his grandfather make their home on a potato farm in Wyoming, and although the work can be back breaking, it is also a lot of fun, especially when Grandfather plays with Willy. Now with Grandfather too depressed to speak, much less get out of bed, Willy and his loyal dog, Searchlight, have to harvest the crop themselves. They need to rent a horse, but when Willy looks in the strongbox for money, he discovers that they are broke. The problem is solved when Searchlight takes up the harness in her mouth. Willy and Searchlight are able to plow the fields and harvest the potatoes, but when they present Grandfather the money earned from its sale, Willy finds out that his Grandfather is still depressed.

Willy discovers that Grandfather needs 500 dollars to pay off 10 years worth of back taxes on the farm, or they will lose it. In a daring plan, Willy enters the National Dogsled Race, and stakes everything on the wild hope that he can outrun the best dogsled racers in the country including the legendary Indian, Stone Fox. The fast-paced, thoroughly engrossing description of the race reaches a sudden, tragic climax when Searchlight dies just before the finish line. In a moving end, Stone Fox understands that Willy and Searchlight are the true winners and allows Willy to carry Searchlight across the finish line and collect the prize.

It also has an alternative ending which I am hoping my students will enjoy.

Code X has paired Life of Pi with the Story of Keesh Jack London; The lost Island of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar.

Hope it helps.