What are some secrets about the painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci ?

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  • Columns.  There is still debate whether columns on the outer edges of the painting were originally placed there by da Vinci and then trimmed or were added at a later time. The present version shows no columns.
  • Different Versions.  There are several versions of the painting, including one of a nude Mona Lisa. It is believed to have been painted from "a lost Leonardo original." The Isleworth and Vernon versions were once considered originals but have since been revealed as copies by other artists.
  • The Head.  Apparently, "the transparent gauze veil worn by the sitter is a guarnello, typically used by women while pregnant or just after giving birth." Her hair, pinned in the style of a chignon, was most often worn by "unmarried young women and prostitutes." Mona apparently also originally wore a bonnet, later removed by Leonardo.
  • Self-Portrait or Model.  Some historians believe the painting is actually a self-portrait, with female features added. Many other people have been suggested as the original model aside from the most recognized possibility, Lisa del Giocondo, including a young male apprentice rumored to be Leonardo's lover.
thommyberlin | Student

The secret is that he'd be lucky to rate a 'c' for it in college today. Way too many mistakes. Broken horizon line, bad foreshortening... 

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