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What are some safety concerns that police officers should be aware of when responding to medical calls?

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There are a number of possible safety concerns that police officers must be aware of when they are called to assist with a medical call.

In today’s world, one of the most important safety issues is the issue of blood-borne pathogens.  The most dangerous of these is, of course, HIV.  When officers have to respond to medical calls, they need to keep themselves safe from any body fluids of the victim.  They have to ensure that they are safe from any pathogens that may be in those fluids.

A second safety concern is for the possibility that the person with the medical problem might be dangerous.  The person with the problem might be hallucinating.  They might be mentally unstable in some other way.  This can lead the person to do things (either intentionally or not) that can compromise the safety of the officer.  For example, the officers need to be careful in case there is a person who is off their medications and might have a knife that they could use to harm themselves or the officer.

These are the most common safety concerns that are connected to medical calls. 

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