What were some sacrifices that Percy Julian made and some of the obstacles he overcame?

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Percy Lavon Julian faced many challenges and persevered through them to become one of the most important scientists.  One of the most important sacrifices Julian made could be seen outside of a lab.  He moved his family to a predominantly white suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, right outside of Chicago.  There, he and his family faced intense racism.  His house was firebombed,  and attacked with dynamite, in an attempt to scare the family out of Oak Park.  Julian did not relent and kept his family in Oak Park, staying up at night and watching over his family and home with a gun.  I think that such a social sacrifice during a time in American History where the most repugnant aspects of human behavior was on display for all would merit a significant overcoming and is representative of the perseverance that Julian possessed.

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