What are some examples of rising actions in "Twilight?"

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The best example of rising action in "Twilight" is when the Cullen family is playing "Vampire Baseball with Bella as an observer. During the game they are approached by a group of rogue vampires, James, Victoria and Laurent. James "smells" Bella the action takes off, and the story hits the ground running. James tries to track  Bella while the Cullen family tries to protect her. This eventually leads to a huge climax and many things come to a head at the end of the book.

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Some rising actions from twilight would be the Cullen's and Bella playing baseball then meeting James who decides to "track" Bella. Also there is the part when Edward is trying to track the tracker and Alice has a vision about a dance room studio then Bella decides to go to James in order to save her mom--who's really not in danger.

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The rising action of 'Twilight' is when James, Victoria, and Laurent interrupt the Cullen's Vampire baseball game in order to attempt to attack Bella. They say she gives off a pleassant odor. As soon as James smells Bella, the huge Climax comes in shortly.