What are some recurring events in ch22?

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this chapter, there are some recurring events that recall for Amir some things that happened in his past life. For example, the Taliban official turns out to be none other than his childhood arch-enemy, Assef. Amir realizes this when Assef refers to Ali as Babalu. Amir also realizes that Assef was part of the Taliban group that may even have killed Hassan and his wife, as Assef tells about going door to door and killing people. Assef tells Amir that he was imprisoned and beat up. He says that while he was being beaten, a kidney stone disloged, he began laughing, felt better and thus interpreted this as a sign that God was on his side. So, he joined the Taliban. While Amir is trying to convince Assef to turn Sohrab over to him, Assef beats Amir with brass knuckles, and Amir also laughs and, like Assef, says that he feels better. This is a sign to Amir that God is on HIS side, and he is doing the right thing by trying to obtain Sohrab's freedom.

Assef continues to beat Amir, but the young Sohrab takes out a slingshot and shoots Assef, knocking out his eye. This is a recurring event from Amir's childhood because Sohrab's father Hassan was raped by Assef and his thugs while trying to intervene and save Amir from a beating when they were all children. Thanks to Sohrab, he and Amir are now able to escape the adult Assef, just as in childhood, thanks to Hassan, Amir was able to escape the young Assef.

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