What are some reasons you like To Kill a Mockingbird? (the book)i am writing a essay.

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There are several reasons for enjoying this book. One is the presence of warm and gentle humour throughout. The humour arises largely from having the story told by a young girl who is unable to comprehend the ways of the grown-up world. Scout's childish point of view however is supplemented by the reflections of her older and wiser self, which gives a greater depth to the narrative.

Another reason for liking the book is the way in which it deals unflinchingly with serious issues, most of all prejudice and injustice, without ever losing faith in human nature. This is most apparent in the character of Atticus Finch, the wise, good-hearted lawyer who sees the worst side of life during the course of his work but never gives up, and passes on his good values to his children. Thus there is a sense of hope at the end of the novel, which uplifts the reader.


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