What are some of the reasons why therapists might gravitate away from strict psychoanalytic approaches toward object relations or ego-analytic approaches?

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Karyth Cara eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Strict psychoanalytic approaches are time consuming and analyze all psychological problems as stemming from an underlying root sexual cause. This may seem to impractical, on the one hand, and too constraining, on the other hand, to many therapists. In contrast, an ego-analytic approach is practical since it operates from what Bernard Apfelbaum, Ph.D., calls a "how-you-handle-it model" that focuses not on root psychosexual emotional causes but on how a person handles those causes.

The ego-analytic model is the how-you-handle-it model. The idea is that [problems] are caused, not ... by anxiety, anger, or depression, but by how the person handles these feelings. (Apfelbaum)

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