What were some reasons why Rome was a good site for a city?

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Rome's location was ideal because its proximity to the River Tiber ensured that the soil was fertile. This meant that, in most years, at least the city could rely on a regular supply of crops to feed its citizens. Rome was also blessed by thousands of years' worth of volcanic ash deposits, which further enriched the soil.

In establishing a city at that time, it was necessary to think about how to defend it from hostile forces. The founders of Rome were fortunate in that the Italian peninsula was replete with natural barriers, such as the Apennines and the Alps, which made it difficult in the extreme for any invading armies to gain much of a foothold. Even if such forces could find their way through the narrow mountain passes, it would take them so long that the Romans would have more than enough time to respond.

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Let's take these one by one.

First, Rome was located along the Tiber River, which ran from the Mediterranean across the northeast of the peninsula.

Second, Rome was built near seven hills which provided some defense against invasion in the city's earliest years but not over the course of centuries of Empire.

Third, at the mouth of the Tiber River was Ostia, Rome's seaport from which the city would trade with the Mediterranean and built an impressive navy.

Fourth, the farms of Rome grew a variety of crops. Farming, in fact, became a chosen profession for much of Rome's elite.

All of these are part of why Rome's geography helped ensure its success. 

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