What are some reasons why John Proctor is the protagonist of The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

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John Proctor is the ideal protagonist of the play for several reasons. He is a respected member of his community and a guilt-ridden man who regrets carrying on an affair with Abigail Williams, which has significantly damaged his marriage. He is not only an authentic, dynamic character but is also a relatable person that audiences can identify with and understand.

Similar to the audience, Proctor is initially unaffected by the hysteria, which makes his character more appealing. Since Abigail Williams is the leading voice of the corrupt trials, she has a special connection with John and desires to have him to herself by getting rid of Elizabeth. By casting Proctor as the protagonist of the play, Miller is able to focus on the human condition during the witch trials and create an intriguing romantic subplot involving the relationships between Proctor, his wife, and Abigail. As the leading figure of the play, Proctor's character is tested when Abigail accuses Elizabeth of attempted murder,...

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