In Huck Finn, what are some reasons why Jim should have told Huck right away when he figured out his father was dead?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jim purposely chooses not to tell Huck because of Jim's concern for their continued quest. Jim is looking at the opportunity of freedom. Jim made the choice not to tell Huck.

Some reasons Jim should have told Huck include the following:

  • Huck had escaped from his dad. Huck's purpose was to travel far from the potential for further bodily abuse and mental anguish. If Jim had told Huck, it would have released this purpose and probably a lot of stress.
  • Pap was Huck's father. A child deserves the right to know when a parent has passed so the child can appropriately grieve.
  • Even if the two of them continued the plight for Jim's freedom, Huck deserved the freedom to know that he was out of reach indefinitely from his father.
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