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What are some reasons why elections matter in the United States and in Texas?

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Elections matter in the United States and Texas (and in any other place that truly has a democratic system, for that matter) for the same reasons.  Simply put, elections are fundamental to democracy.  Let us look at two important ways in which this is so.

First, elections matter because they allow the people to feel that they are truly in control of their government.  We know that we cannot have direct democracy in a country as large as ours (or even in a state the size of Texas).  Therefore, we have to have people to make the laws for us.  If we did not have elections, we would not feel that we had any authority over those who make those laws.  Our government would no longer exist by the consent of the governed and we would be in danger of being tyrannized.

Second, elections matter because they help to convey the will of the people to the politicians.  For example, we can think of the recent elections as a message to the people in Washington.  We told them, on the one hand, that we do not support liberal ideas enough to want a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.  At the same time, we reelected President Obama, indicating some degree of support for Democratic ideas and opposition to Republican ideas.  Without elections, it would be harder for us to make our will known to those who govern us.

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