What are some reasons to support the Monroe Doctrine?

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The Monroe Doctrine was a major foreign policy statement by the United States. It stated that there would be no new colonies established in the Americas. Many of the Latin American countries fought for and received their independence in the early 1800s. Some of the European countries were thinking of trying to return to Latin America to regain their colonies. We told them this wouldn’t be allowed. Fortunately, we had the backing of the British, whose navy would be very helpful in enforcing this policy if any European power tried to return.

There were many reasons why we needed to issue this statement and support it. One reason why support was needed is that it began to establish the United States as the dominant power in the Americas. We needed to let the European powers know that the Americas were off limits to them if we wanted to be viewed as the main power in North and South America. Another reason why the Monroe Doctrine needed to be supported is that it showed a growing confidence in our country. We weren’t afraid to make a statement that showed a willingness of the United States to stand up to the Europeans who, in the past, had tried to intimidate us.

Another reason why the Monroe Doctrine needed to be supported was that it reinforced the ideals of the American Revolution. The Latin American countries fought for their freedom for reasons that were similar to why we fought for our freedom from Great Britain. If we allowed some of the European countries to return to re-establish their colonies in Latin America, we wouldn’t be supporting countries that used our revolution as a model for their revolution.

There were many reasons why we needed to support the Monroe Doctrine.

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