What are some reasons Brutus would make a good leader?

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The most prominent leadership quality in Brutus is his fierce and selfless loyalty to his country. He is more loyal to the republic of Rome than to Caesar. It is for the good of Rome that he will justify his participation in the plot to assassinate Caesar. He will strike down Rome's enemies, which he perceives to be Caesar's ambitions. After they kill Caesar, he comforts those who witnessed the scene by telling them not to be afraid, because "Ambition's debt is paid" (Act III, scene i, lines 83-84). Brutus does not hunger for power and is not clouded by ambition; he seeks to serve his country.

Brutus is also a man of noble character and has gained the respect of Rome and its leaders, so much so that Cassius and the other conspirators feel they need his support and his reputation on their side to gain the support of the people.

He is a man who commits to his beliefs and owns his actions. During the assassination scene, he is the last to stab Caesar. In Act III, scene ii, he defends himself to the public by saying that he killed Caesar because he loved Rome more. Caesar would have made them all slaves. Therefore, Brutus has judged the situation and sentenced Caesar to death.

Even upon Brutus's defeat and death, Antony, the one who defeated the conspirators, praises him as "the noblest Roman of them all" (Act V, scene v, line 68).

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