American Imperialism

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What were some reasons against imperialism?

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There were several reasons why people were against imperialism. In the United States, some people were against imperialism because the Americans had fought for their independence against an imperial power. The Americans felt that the British government was violating their rights and ruling the people against their wishes. These people believed it was wrong for the United States to do the same thing to other people that they didn’t want for themselves.

Another argument against imperialism is that it would entangle a country in the affairs of other people. There were some people who felt that an isolationist foreign policy was the way to go for the United States. By getting colonies or new lands, the country would be an active player in world affairs. This could entangle the United States in situations that could become very sticky. To some degree, this is what President Washington cautioned against in his farewell message to the American people.

A third concern dealt with the morality...

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