What are some quotes that show that Romeo and Juliet have a physical attraction to each other?

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Romeo first spies Juliet at the Capulet's party, in Act I, Scene V. Right away, he finds her beautiful, likening her to a dove surrounded by crows, and wondering if he has ever really known love before her. We do not know from this scene if Juliet feels the same sort of love at first sight that Romeo professes, but she seems to enjoy his witty banter.

In Act II, Scene II, Romeo is lurking in an orchard and sees Juliet at her window. He says that her eyes twinkle and that her beauty outshines even the moon. Though others such as Nurse comment on how Romeo is handsome (Act II, Scene V,) and Juliet describes his noble brow (Act III, Scene II,) she never really says aloud if she finds him physically attractive. 

It would be safe to say that Romeo is physically attracted to Juliet, and perhaps this is his only requirement for being in love. As for Juliet, she is more likely attracted to Romeo for his conversational skills and that he is an alternate to marrying Paris

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