What are some quotes that show Romeo being impulsive in Romeo and Juliet?

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Romeo's predilection for impulsive, irrational behavior is perhaps the tragic flaw in his personality which, more than any other cause, is responsible for the tragic fate he meets at the end of the play. This impulsive behavior is demonstrated on many occasions.

For example, in act 2, scene 3, when Romeo insists on marrying Juliet only hours after having met her, Friar Laurence warns him against his hasty and impulsive decision and tells him that "they stumble that run fast." This quotation nicely encapsulates, in just five words, the fate to which Romeo succumbs. His impulsive behavior is the equivalent of him running too fast, and his death at the end of the play is, of course, the extreme equivalent of him stumbling because he is running too fast.

Later in the play, in act 2, scene 6, Friar Laurence again warns Romeo about acting too impulsively. He tells Romeo, "These violent delights have violent ends / And in their triumph die, like fire and powder." The "violent delights" that Friar...

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