What are some quotes from Antigone that represent the theme of State/Man's Law VS Gods Law?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many quotes in Scene Two that might assist you in finding the quotes reflecting the tension between the law of the Gods as opposed to the law of mortals.  Examine the Chorus' opening lines of the scene:

For Zeus hates excessively(125)
the boasts of a great tongue, and looking on them
coming in rapid flow,
over-confident in clanging gold, he threw down
the one rushing with brandished fire
to the top of his goal,(130)
seeking already to proclaim his victory.

The idea that Zeus "hates excessively the boasts of a great tongue" helps to bring out the idea that, by definition, the rule of men has to be subservient to the will of the Gods.  Continuing on in this section, the Chorus concludes that the rule of men is secondary to the rule of the Gods in that the setting that confronts Thebes is "this new situation given by the gods."  It is here where the text speaks loud to the idea that the rule of man is secondary to the will and the rule of the the gods.