Identify a quote that represent passion in Shoeless Joe?

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I tend to think that the voice, as mysterious as it might be, is where passion and zeal reside.  In my mind, the voice's statements are examples of passion, where some type of response is needed to validate the words that the voice speaks.  The initial idea that begins the various quests in the book of "If you build it, he will come" is an example of passion in that demands a response of equal passion.  There is intensity and a sense of commitment to what one loves in the idea spoken.  Other phrases such as, "Go the Distance" and "Fulfill the Dream" are all examples of how there is passion in the words that the voice speaks.  These would have to be seen as example of passion because of how the individuals in the book like Ray or Annie or Salinger respond to the voice's words.  Their reactions are not to dismiss or discredit or even ignore what is said. Rather, they act upon them, recognizing them as almost revelatory, helping to reveal greater levels of both meaning and questioning each time the voice speaks.  It is in this element where I think that the voice itself speaks words that represents passion in Kinsella's work.

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