What are some quotes that prove that Juliet is getting forced to marry Paris just for money and respect in Romeo and Juliet?

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The Capulets are rich and powerful, one of the most important families in Verona. Like many young women born into such circumstances, Juliet is being married off to further the political influence and power of the family. Conversely, Paris wishes to marry her because he can gain much by doing so, and given the fact that he will receive a dowry from the Capulets for the marriage, it could be said that he is the one marrying for money. Juliet makes it very clear that she does not want to marry Paris—indeed, in the eyes of the Church, she cannot, since she has already married Romeo. When her mother comes to her chamber with news of the arranged marriage, Juliet exclaims that Paris "shall not make me a joyful bride!" She even, in a masterful bit of irony , says that she would marry "Romeo, whom you know I hate, rather than Paris." When Capulet berates his daughter for refusing to marry Paris, he describes him in terms of his social standing as well as his physical attractiveness, calling him a...

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