What are some quotes that prove that Hamlet is pretending to be insane?

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In  Act II of Shakespeare's "Hamlet," Hamlet bandies words with Polonius, whom he suspects of treachery.  He first calls Polonius "a fishmonger," then he remarks, "Then I would you were so honest a man.  This bandying with words continues as he talks to Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, whom he also suspects.  When Hamlet says, "Denamrk's a prison" (II,ii, 236), the former friends of Hamlet disagree.  To this Hamlet replies,

Why then 'tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.  To me it is a prison.

While these remarks are not insane, they become a cause for some concern by others, especially when they learn that Ophelia has been frightened by him. She tells her father,

My lord, as I was sewing in my closet,/Lord Hamlet with his doublet all unbraced,/No hat upon his head, his stockings fouled,/Ungartered and down-gyved to his ankle,/Pale as his shirt, his knees knocking each other,/And with a look so piteous in purport /As if he had been loosed out of hell/To speak of horrors--he comes before me. (II,i,76-83)

Her father asks if Hamlet is mad for her love.  Ophelia replies that she does not know; she only knows that she fears this affection, telling Polonius,

He took me by the wrist, and held me hard,/Then goes he to the length of all him arm,/And with his other hand thus o'er his brow,/He falls to such perusal of my face/As'a would draw it.  Long stayed he so./At last, a little shaking ofmine arm,/And thrice his head thus waving up and down,/He raised a sigh so piteous and profound /As it did seem to shatter all his bulk...And with his head over his shoulder turned/He seemed to find his way without his eyes...(II,I,88-97)

Later, in Act III, Polonius and Claudiius...

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