What are some quotes that Jonas says from The Giver that define who Jonas is?

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Quotations are an excellent way to gather details of characterization about a character for use in essays and other analysis.

Jonas is thoughtful and wise beyond his years.  One of the first indications that Jonas is not like other children is in the very beginning of the book, when Jonas is trying to describe his feelings.  The quote says:

“Jonas was careful about language.” (page 3)

This quotation directly characterizes Jonas.  Throughout the book, we see other examples of direct and indirect characterization of Jonas.  For example, when the plane flies overhead and the Speaker orders everyone inside, Jonas is described with this quotation:

“Instantly, obediently, Jonas had dropped his bike on its side on the path behind his family’s dwelling.”  (page 2)

This is another example of characterization.  Jonas is obedient.  His bicycle is very important to him.  All children his age take great care of their bicycles, because they wait so long to get them.  Bicycles are a symbol of independence and adulthood.  The fact that Jonas drops his so quickly and runs inside shows that he is instantly, unquestionably obedient.

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well you see on page 3 it says "jonas was careful about language". That shows that he has to be cautious about what he says.

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