The Hunt for Red October Questions and Answers
by Tom Clancy

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What are some quotes that illustrate Jack Ryan's proactiveness?

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Ryan sat on the corner of the desk and opened his briefcase. He handed Tyler a folder. "Got some pictures I want you to look at." "Okay." Tyler flipped it open. "Whose—a Russian! Big bastard. That's the basic Typhoon configuration. Lots of modifications, though. Twenty-six missiles instead of twenty. Looks longer. Hull's flattened out some, too. More beam?" "Two or three meters' worth." "I heard you were working with the CIA. Can't talk about that, right?" "Something like that. And you never saw these pictures, Skip. Understood?" "Right." Tyler's eyes twinkled. "What do you want me not to look at them for?" Ryan pulled the blowups from the back of the folder. "These doors, bow and stern."

Here we see that Ryan’s proactiveness involved contacting a colleague for assistance. He uses the best resources available to achieve a goal before it is too late to avoid potential consequences.

Ryan knew how to answer this. "Sir, if we followed normal procedure on this, we'd contract one of the Beltway Bandits—," Ryan referred to the consulting firms that dotted the beltway around Washington, D.C., "—they'd charge us five or ten times as much, and we'd be lucky to have the data by Easter. This way we might just have it while the boat's still at sea. If worse comes to worst, sir, I'll foot the bill. I figured you'd want this data fast, and it's right up his alley."

Ryan takes charge again, this time by urging his superiors to consider a different method to handling information-gathering outside the scope of normal procedure. He is familiar with both the limited expectations of his superiors as well as the limited abilities of the firms they usually contract with, so he compels them to consider an alternative source, someone who expects a high price but will deliver vital data in the nick of time. His proactiveness in this instance is unique insomuch that he employs a special kind of diplomacy rather than military heroism or bravado.

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