What are some quotes that have elements of trust in the relationship between Lennie and George?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One particular quote that shows the element of trust between Lennie and George can be seen early on in the text.  Towards the end of chapter 1, Lennie asks George to tell him "how it's gonna be." George starts with something that he has said to Lennie time and time again.  When George tells Lennie how both of them are different, Lennie busts in with "'Cause I got you and you got me."  This idea of shared connection between both of them helps to enhance how trust is an essential part of their relationship.

Both men do not speak of trust in specific and direct terms because it is so implicit as part of their being.  In Chapter 2, Lennie pleads to George, "Let's get outta here- It's mean here."  Lennie says this to George because he trusts George to look out for him.  As a consequence, George responds with, "We gotta stay."  This is a statement in which George indicates that he trusts Lennie to trust his judgment.  The repetition of the farm that they are going to own together is a reflection of the trust that is evident in both of them.  They both trust one another to such a great extent that they can share their dreams with one another.  The ending's repeating of quotes that have already been stated is a culmination of this trust, a sad and yet beautiful condition in which one trusts the other with their very lives and souls.  It is this ongoing relationship where trust is embodied in more than words, but existing within the very being of the other.