What are some quotes that establish the setting of The Secret Life of Bees?

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One of the most important settings in the novel is of course the house of August and her sisters, which Lily finally reaches at the beginning of Chapter Four of this novel. This is of course the central setting of the novel, because once she reaches this house, Lily does not travel any further, and the major revelations that she experiences about her own identity and her relationship with her mother happen at this location, in addition to other important plot elements such as the suicide of May. Consider how the house is presented to us at the beginning of this chapter:

The woman moved along a row of white boxes that bordered the woods beside the pink house, a house so pink it remained a scorched shock on the back of my eyelids after I looked away. She was tall, dressed in white, wearing a pith helmet with veils that floated across her face, settled around her shoulders, and trailed down her back. She looked like an African princess.

We have already been given the location of the house in the previous chapter, when Lily sees the Black Madonna on the jars of honey, and is told by the store owner that it is on the corner of Main Street and the highway to Florence. The strong, vivid pink of the house made it incredibly easy to find.

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