In The Witch of Blackbird Pond, what are some quotes that describe Kit's character?

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Kit is quite a well rounded character. Readers get to see all kinds of different sides to her throughout the book, but one characteristic that remains true throughout the story is that Kit is unafraid to meet a challenge. This stems from a few smaller character traits of hers. She's willing to try things, she's stubborn, and she's impulsive. Readers get to see this side of Kit early in chapter one, when we learn that Kit essentially refused to spend her sea voyage below decks with the rest of the passengers.

Certainly she had not spent the voyage groaning and retching like some of the passengers.

"You're not afraid of the wind and the salt, any- way. At least, you haven't spent much time below."

"Not if I could help it," she laughed. Did he think anyone would stay in that stuffy cabin by choice?

Early in the book, Kit is presented to readers as somewhat materialistic. She has fancy dresses, and she isn't quite sure what to make of the lack of stuff that the Puritans seem to get by with; however, Kit learns to appreciate the simplicity as well. In fact, Kit shows that she might even have a bit of a minimalist tendency. We see this in chapter nine when we are told that she finds a sort of inner peace in Hannah's simple home.

"Tis a pretty room,” she said without thinking, and then wondered how that could be, when it was so plain and bare. Perhaps it was only the sunlight on boards that were scrubbed smooth and white, or perhaps it was the feeling of peace that lay across the room as tangibly as the bar of sunshine.

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There are a number of quotes that point out Kit's impulsiveness, or tendency to act before she thinks.  After she insists on making a trip in the longboat, the narrator says "she already regretted this impulsive trip ashore."  A little later, when a little girl drops her toy in the sea, Kit reacts characteristically - "'Turn back, Captain,' she ordered impulsively."  Kit is aware of her inclination to act impulsively, and chides herself, "I am forever doing foolish things!" 

Kit is genuine and not shy or pretentious. When she meets John Holbrook, the narrator describes her direct response - "'I am Katherine Tyler,' she answered forthrightly."

Kit also has a strong, robust constitution, and is at home on the water.  The author says, "she had proved to be a natural sailor...certainly she had not spent the voyage groaning and retching like some of the passengers."

(all quotes are from Chapter 1)

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