What are some quotes that could  answer "the setting gives the effect of" in The Secret Life of Bees?it must be a passage or quote from the book.

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to choose quotations to "answer" the prompt, you must complete that sentence.  What kind of effects do you see in the setting of the story?  Remember, setting is time and place, so you can explore the effects of the story happening in that particular time and that particular place. Once you do that, you can support the completed statement with a quote or two from the book.

Let me give you an example.  In Chapter Four, Lily describes her first time in the honey house,

....one big room filled with strange honey-making machines - big tanks, gas burners, troughs, levers, white boxes, and racks piled with waxy honeycombs.  My nostrils nearly drowned in the scent of sweetness (75).

The effect of the setting on me is that the people in this household are like the worker bees, laboring industriously, and finding sweetness in what they do.  That's always how the honey house strikes me.

What kind of effects do you see in the time and places described in the book?  There is that wonderful description of the Boatwrights' "parlor" when Lily first enters the house. There is May's wall.  There is T. Ray's house. What effect does that have on the reader?  Decide what setting you wish to use to complete the prompt, and then add some quotations that support the effect.

goldie827 | Student

Can you explain your answer more or give another example please.

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