what are some quotes in TFIOS that support the following: - hazel and Augustus are close to their family - Augustus accepted hazel despite cancer - hazel is a normal teenager and watches (ANTM)

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In the novel, The Fault in Our Stars, there are many instances of both Hazel and Augustus being close to their families.

Hazel is so close to her mother and father that she is able to tell when things are bothering them. On page 98, Hazel senses her parents being "hyperfocused" on her and asks them, "Is everything all right?"  This shows Hazel understands the worry her illness causes her parents and that she cares about how they feel.  

Page 28 shows how close Augustus is to his father when they have a conversation around Hazel, 

...Gus wrapped his long arm around his dad's neck and said, "I'm just kidding Dad.  I like the freaking Encouragements, I really do.  I just can't admit it cause I'm a teenager."  His dad rolled his eyes.

This exchange shows how comfortable Gus and his dad are with each other. Gus feels comfortable putting his arm around his father and his father feels comfortable rolling his eyes at Gus.  

Augustus accepts Hazel immediately, despite her cancer. Given the fact they meet each other at a cancer support group, they know right away they have this one thing in common.  After the support group, Augustus asks Hazel to come to his house to watch a movie.

"So, see you next time, maybe?" I asked.

"You should see it," he said.  "V for Vendetta, I mean."

"Okay," I said, "I'll look it up."

"No.  With me.  At my house," he said. "Now."  (p. 17)

Despite the fact Hazel has cancer, she has the thoughts and feelings of a normal teenager.  She watches movies and TV shows like America's Next Top Model. She worries about the things every teenager worries about: fitting in, loneliness, her future. She listens to music. On page 100,

So I turned on my computer to listen to some music, and with Augustus's favorite band, The Hectic Glow, as my soundtrack...

On page 82 she shows she cares about her appearance and wants to look good for Augustus,

I went to my room but didn't change.  i brushed my hair and teeth and put on some lip gloss and the smallest possible dab of perfume.  

And of course, she loves America's Top Model. On page 21 Hazel tells her mother,

"I'm going to a movie with Augustus Waters," I said.  "Please record the next several episodes of the ANTM marathon for me."

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