What are some quotes by Mary Warren in the play The Crucible?

What are some quotes by Mary Warren in the play The Crucible?

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Mary Warren is one of the accusers at the Salem Witch Trials. She worked as a servant for John Proctor and later tried to recant her accusations of witchcraft.

MARY WARREN: Abby, we’ve got to tell. Witchery’s a hangin’ error, a hangin’ like they done in Boston two year ago! We must tell the truth, Abby! You’ll only be whipped for dancin’, and the other things!

Mary is a nervous girl who is quick to react when she feels like she's in danger. She swears that she didn't participate in the revels with the other girls; she says she only looked. But she trusts that going to the authorities is the right thing to do. Ultimately, though, she's easily overpowered by Abagail because she's weak and has a tendency to give in when pressure is applied.

MARY: I made a gift for you today, Goody Proctor. I had to sit long hours in a chair, and passed the time with sewing.

The doll that Mary Warren gives Elizabeth isn't a kind gift. Instead, it's a trap. There is a needle in the doll and Abagail...

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