What are some quotes said by King James, and what are some descriptions of him in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"?

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The ruling monarch in England during the time the story takes place was James II.  I do not believe there are any quotes in the book directly attributed to him, nor are there any descriptions of him.  There are a number of quotes, however, about King James, and the peoples' opinions on his policies.

Kit's grandfather, Sir Francis Tyler, had close ties to the Crown.  When Kit arrives in America, Matthew Wood asks her, "Your grandfather was a King's man, I reckon?"  Kit replies, "He was a Royalist...here in America are you not also subjects of King James?" (Chapter 3).

The conflict colonists such as Matthew Wood are experiencing with King James is explained later by Nat, when Kit asks, "Why are they so disloyal to King James?"  Nat tells her, "If the King respects our rights and keeps his word...then he will retain our loyalty.  But if he revokes the laws he has made...we will be forced to cut (ties)...'twould do little good...to wait for orders from His Majesty in England...these people in Wethersfield...how can a king on a throne in England know what is best for them?  A man's first loyalty is to the soil he stands on" (Chapter 12).

Connecticut Colony was founded with a charter of freedoms and rights issued by James II's grandfather, James I.  In 1687, the year the story takes place, James II sought to exert more control over the colonies by revoking their charter, setting the stage for the American Revolution.


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