What are some quotes relating to conflict in Shakespeare's Othello?

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In Shakespeare's Othello, when Othello chooses Cassio for a promotion over Iago, this creates the central conflict of the play. It is for this reason that Iago decides to destroy Othello.

In this quote, Iago seethes with anger over Othello's choice, and later says he will serve "the Moor" to "turn on him." (This conflict is external: specifically, man vs. man.)

Nonsuits my mediators; for, “Certes,” says he,

“I have already chose my officer.” … (I.i.16-17)

O, sir, content you.

I follow him to serve my turn upon him… (42-43)

Roderigo has a conflict with Othello, for he wanted Desdemona for himself. Iago enlists Roderigo's help in waking Desdemona's father, to stir trouble in the house with news that Othello has taken Desdemona and married her. (This is man vs. man.)


Here is her father's house; I'll call aloud. (78)

Another conflict arises when Desdemona's father (Brabantio) arrives in a fury over his daughter's marriage to Othello. He insists that Othello must have put a spell on...

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