What are some quotes in To Kill A Mockingbird that show maturity from Scout, Jem, or Dill? Also, would you please say what chapter or page the quote is on? Thank you.

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Scout, Ch. 30:

“Won’t you have a seat, Mr. Arthur? This rocking-chair’s nice and comfortable.” My small fantasy about him was alive again: he would be sitting on the porch… right pretty spell we’re having, isn’t it, Mr. Arthur? Yes, a right pretty spell. Feeling slightly unreal, I led him to the chair farthest from Atticus and Mr. Tate. It was in deep shadow. Boo would feel more comfortable in the dark.

This scene follows the scene in which Boo Radley saves Scout and Jem from Mr. Ewell's attack.  Scout offers Boo a chair, acting as the adult in the situation since Boo seems childlike and shy.  She even fantasizes about the two of them discussing the weather.  The most mature aspect of this scene is Scout's recognition that Boo would feel more comfortable in the dark, and she offers him the chair in the shadows.  She understands Boo and his needs.

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