What are some quotes from Walter in A Raisin in the Sun about the liquor store he wants?

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In the play, Walter is depicted as a dreamer. He is upset with his current situation and desperately wants to use his mother's insurance check to start a liquor business with two of his friends. Despite having no experience in the world of business, Walter believes that he can successfully run a liquor store and become wealthy. At the beginning of the play Walter elaborates on his plan and encourages his wife Ruth to influence Mama into giving him a portion of the insurance money. He wants to use it as seed money to start his business endeavors. Walter offers Ruth instructions on how to propose his plan to Mama and convince her to invest in his dream by saying,

All you have to do is just sit down with her when you drinking your coffee one morning and talking 'bout things like you do and you just sip your coffee, see, and say easy like that you been thinking 'bout that deal Walter Lee is so interested in, 'bout the store and all, and sip some more coffee, like what you saying ain't really...

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