What are some quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird about the jail, courthouse and newspaper office?Specific quotes explaining the location of them.

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THE MAYCOMB JAIL.  Probably the ugliest building in town, the Maycomb Jail is just wide enough for a single cell and stands just two stories high. It apparently looks somewhat like a little castle, with its "tiny battlements and flying buttresses." Scout describes it as a "miniature Gothic joke" and the "most venerable and hideous of the county's buildings." The jail is found on the courthouse square "between Tyndal's Hardware Store and The Maycomb Tribune office."


THE MAYCOMB COUNTY COURTHOUSE.  The courthouse dominates the downtown square, where it was rebuilt after burning in 1856. The Greek Revival columns still remain from the old building where it "clashed" with the newer Victorian architecture and the "rusty unreliable" clock tower.

THE MAYCOMB TRIBUNE OFFICE.  B. B. Underwood's newspaper office is on "the northwest corner of the square." It is two stories high, and Underwood lives upstairs, where he can usually be found at his office window with a jug of cherry wine close at hand.


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