What are some quotes from Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet that show turning points in the drama?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that the exchange between Juliet and her parents in the closing scene of Act III is a significant turning point in the drama.  When she refuses to her parents' request of marrying Paris, this is a turning point. It is the moment when Juliet has moved from submissive daughter to defiant woman.  Contrast this with the Act I Juliet, who is willing to bend to her parents' wishes, to this defiance of parental rule.  Yet, I feel that this moment is a turning point because of her parents' reactions to her.  Lady Capulet turns her back on her daughter and Lord Capulet essentially throws Juliet to the street if she should disobey her.  It is at this moment where Juliet recognizes that the bonds that existed between she and her parents are gone.  There is nothing holding her back at this point.  The conflict she felt between her family's name and her feelings of love towards Romeo is gone, for she has been relinquished of her loyalty to the former.  It is at this point where I think that a turning point in Act III can be evident.  It is here where we begin to see Juliet move towards a realm where the ending is almost inevitable precisely because of the Capulets' reaction to their daughter in this scene in Act III.

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