What are some quotes focusing on deception in The Kite Runner?

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Deception and betrayal are central themes in The Kite Runner. You could argue that Amir is guilty of deception when he betrays Hassan and does not reveal to anyone what happened (Hassan is sexually assaulted by Assef) nor his role (he ran away). Soon after the assault, Ali is desperate to help Hassan, but Amir will not tell him what is wrong. Ali asks, "Did something happen to him, Amir agha? Something he's not telling me?" Amir rudely replies, "How should I know?" (81). So Amir withholds information and is disrespectful toward Ali. Yes, Ali is a servant, but he has always been kind and polite and is clearly only interested in helping his son.

Later, when Amir is an adult, he learns that Baba was dishonest with him by not telling him or Hassan that Hassan is actually Baba's biological son. Amir and Hassan never know they are brothers, and Amir believes that he would have acted differently toward Hassan and would have been more protective had he known they were related. When Amir learns...

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