What are some questions that came up for you in chapter 14 of Orsen Scott Card's Ender's Game

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In chapter fourteen, of Orsen Scott Card's Ender's Game, readers find Ender finds himself on Eros, a place he hates. Here, Ender is trained on the simulator. Over numerous trainings, Ender comes to master the simulator. Eventually, Ender and his squadron take on simulation battles, where they fight the Buggers. By the end of the chapter, Ender comes to find out that his success over the Buggers (in a final training battle) was a real battle, not a simulation. Ender is upset that he was tricked by his superiors. This leads Ender to decide that he never wants to fight again, even when Eros is being attacked. 

Some questions which may arise for some readers are as follows.

-Since constantly "surrounded by strangers," what keeps Ender from not caring about the rouse? 

-Ender is very smart. How could he not tell that the simulation was real? 

-Did Ender really learn a lesson from the old man about losing to an enemy? 

- Is the old man correct when he states that there is no teacher like an enemy?

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