What are some questions to guide students in good essay writing?What are some questions to guide students in good essay writing?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that the previous poster's response is very stellar.  I echo the idea of substantiation of thought in writing.  In all writing, compelling students to ask the question of "How can I explain this in a manner so the reader 'gets' what I am saying" is of vital importance in the writing process.  I think that asking students to reflect on whether they have used the term "because" in a manner which reflects this substantiation of thought is also of critical importance.  Even in narrative writing, the student must "connect" with the reader, with their audience.  I think being able to ask students if they have progressed in this goal of writing is of vital importance in order to develop their abilities as a writer.  In the final analysis, helping students develop the questions of substantiation of thought is vitally important in this process.

copelmat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In addition to the suggestions above I would add focusing on meeting the needs of your audience:

Before drafting:

  • To whom am I writing?
  • What characteristics might individual readers share?
  • What informational needs might my audience have?
  • What techniques or appeals might be effective for this audience?
  • How can I tailor my writing style to match my audience?

After drafting:

  • Have I met my audiences informational needs?
  • What lingering questions might remain in my readers' minds?
  • What counterarguments might my readers have?
  • How might I address those counterarguments?
  • Will my audience find my writing style effective?
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
First, do you have a thesis? The thesis is the most important sentence of the essay, because it states what the essay will be about. Second, do you have several clear points? In this case, I suppose that would be four points since the essay is six paragraphs total.
nusratfarah | Student

In order to write good essays, you must need these following questions as principal guidelines or criteria:

1. Does the essay contain an introductory and a concluding paragraph?

2. Does the essay have necessary supporting paragraphs?

3. Does the essay contain sufficient reasons and evidences to establish the major issue?

4. Has the essay followed the requirements of the question, or been distracted? Is it properly to- the-point, or not?

epollock | Student

Some questions that most teachers ask that would proviude for excellent essays are:

1. Is the central idea clearly stated in the first paragraph?

2. Is the central idea followed and supported with evidence?

3. Do all the paragraphs support the thesis, and do they go together?

4. Is there a strong and smooth introduction, and a conclusion that closes the essay without being abrupt, misleading, or irrelevant?

5. Does the essay avoid the trap of retelling the story, restating the ideas in the poem, or describing the actions of the play, while forgetting to make proper points in the essay?

6. Is the structure of the paper logical?

7. Can you easily follow the thoughts and conclusions?

8. Do the paragraphs follow each other logically?

9. Are they connected topically?

10. Is there adequate transition between paragraphs?

11. Are the paragraphs correctly developed? Does each paragraph deal with one major thought or set of assertions? 

12. is there a conclusion that is not simply mere summary but a final dramatic thought or suggestion, etc.,?