What are some questions to ask in an interview with any character from Lord of the Flies? Include character response.

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The flippant side of me would like to ask Ralph why he didn't just wash his shirt when he started thinking it felt stiff and uncomfortable. I know they didn't have soap, but there was fresh water... I know he would say that he just couldn't keep his mind on the problem long enough at that point to follow through. 

A more serious question that I'd be interested to ask is, to Sam'n'Eric, "Why did you tell Jack where Ralph was hiding?" It seemed that Ralph's plan was reasonable. With Ralph hiding near the castle rock, Sam and Eric could have particpated in the search without harming anyone, maintaining Jack's trust throughtout. 

I would enjoy hearing about the beast--in stereo--from Sam and Eric. I'm thinking they might really exaggerate if they had the chance! Simon is the one who most intrigues me, and I would like to ask him the same thing Ralph asks him after Simon tells Ralph he's going to be okay, that he's going to make it. I'm not convinced he would answer me, either, but I would like to...

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