What are some questions about Nazi Germany that are widely debated? 

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There are a number of questions about Nazi Germany that could be of interest to various people.  Many of them are fundamentally unanswerable.  Here are three questions that are of interest to me.

  • Could Germany have won the war had it not been for Hitler?  In some ways, Hitler can be seen as a driving force behind German military success.  He pushed his generals to do things they didn't want to do.  Was his influence a reason for Germany's military loss or would they have lost even if he had left things to the generals?
  • Were the German people willing participants in the Holocaust?  This is perhaps the most important question about Nazi Germany.  To what degree was the average German aware of what was happening to the Jews and to what degree were average Germans actively in favor of this?
  • What was Eva Braun's role in Hitler's Germany?  This is perhaps not a hugely important question, but is interesting to some.  It shines a light on what Hitler's most intimate relationship was like, which is interesting in a horrible sort of a way.

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