What are some qualities of the four main characters, Jack, Ralph, Piggy and Simon?I have to list qualities and explain what made the author make the characters the way he did.

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rugator eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph: good speaker, has the "look" of a leader, while not without flaws (lacks some insight and maturity) he is probably the one character with the most positive leadership skills, believes in democratic rules, has foresight (believes in working together to enable rescue), physically capable.

Jack: believes that "might makes right," hunting skills, good speaker, ability to get others to follow (not necessarily for the right reasons), physically strong, aggressive, impulsive, mean-spirited

Piggy: clear thinking, rational, foresight, physically weak (eyesight, overweight), kindly, good-natured, suffers from asthma, brunt of teasing

Simon: visionary, sees the "big picture," kindly, shy, suffers from epilepsy, physically limited, scapegoat, martyr

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