What are some of the pros about living in Jonas's utopian society in the book The Giver?

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The seemingly utopian society that Lois Lowry creates in The Giver is based upon the principle of Sameness. The Committee of Elders controls every aspect of a person's life, including everything from what they wear to how many children they are permitted to have. Citizens in Jonas' community have every aspect of their lives planned out for them; choice does not exist in their lives. The function of Sameness in the novel invites readers to examine their own thoughts and opinions about what would happen in their lives if choice was removed. 

The idea of not having to make choices in life does seem rather appealing, especially in the lives of young adults and college students, as many important choices and decisions occur during this point in a person's life. It would certainly seem convenient to have a person act as a guide down each path without having to worry about a thing. However, the absence of choice most certainly has its downfalls. It is up to each reader to examine how Sameness...

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