What are some pros and cons of using teams in the workplace?

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The management of a given workplace typically attempts to create teams because teams can potentially increase productivity and the quality of work.  This is the major pro of using teams.  The problem is that teams do not automatically work for everyone.  They can actually have results that are the opposite of what is desired.

Teams often make a workplace more productive.  One way in which teams can do this is by increasing the flexibility and innovativeness of the workforce.  Teams often give employees the chance to try out new ideas that can end up helping the company.  They also break down the sorts of bureaucratic barriers that can make a workplace inflexible.  Furthermore, teams often end up creating better morale in the workplace.  They give employees a role that is more clearly important and, thereby, make the employees feel good about their work.  They increase feelings of camaraderie.  In other words, teams also make for happier workers and happier workers are more likely to be productive.

However, teams do not work for everyone and they do not work in all circumstances.  There will be people who simply prefer to work alone.  If placed on a team, their productivity may fall.  There will be times when the teams are not put together well or are not used for purposes that fit their strengths.  In cases like these, creating teams can backfire.

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