What are some pros and cons of the grand jury system?  

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The grand jury process has several benefits for the American government and the people who may be involved in it. Because of the obvious expense to the government to conduct extensive criminal and civil trials, the grand jury can act as something of a staging ceremony to run through the litigation and legal process to see how it plays out and how worthwhile it would be to conduct a true trial. This benefits the prosecution, because they can see what they need to get a true conviction and if the case is likely to result in their success. It also benefits the taxpayer, because it is a less costly option than a full trial and allows the parties to potentially resolve the issue without going to trial.

One major disadvantage is that the grand jury process can encourage pleas and other decisions that may be unnecessary. If it seems like the grand jury will decide on a prosecution, the defendant may go ahead and plead guilty to avoid further punishment, but in reality, they may avoid the...

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