what are some pros and cons of collecting and using DNA evidence in crminal cases?

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thilina-g eNotes educator| Certified Educator

DNA finger printing is a very widely used technique in modern forensic science. The biggest advantage is that by using DNA we can identify the criminal to a maximum accuracy, since the DNA profiles of two persons are different.

The other advantage is the slightest amount of sample required. Even a tiny bit of hair, sperm or saliva would be adequate for proper analysis. So that even criminal masterminds can be caught at their slightest mistakes.

Also DNA fingerprinting is widely acclaimed to be highly accurate and less time consuming, this will ease the burdens on investigations.

All though the use of DNA in forensic science has been so much helpful, there are some cons in using that.

The best example for this is that DNA cannot distinguish two identical twins. Their DNA is almost the same. So in such complex situations, DNA would be powerless.

The other thing is associated with human rights. When police and other people in law has someone's DNA profile, they have the access to very sensitive data like genetic diseases. Therefore there is a risk of these confidential things getting exposed.


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