What are some props that could be used to demonstrate the theme and plots of the book Wednesday Wars?These would have to be props that fit in a little gift bag.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A couple of props can be placed in the bag and then explained as to their relevancy to the novel or the theme of the novel.  The first might be an English Grammar book, as Mrs. Baker and Holling first interact with the diagramming of sentences, representing the starting point, a diagram, of the complexity of their relationship.  Dusty chalkboard erasers can be used to represent one of the first times there is a connection between the, as she promises him a creme puff if he cleans them well.  Creme puffs, or a creme puff, can also be placed in the bag to represent the same. Shakespearean texts, like The Tempest, can be placed in the bag to show the acting and embracing of Holling of "the bard."   Some type of artifact from war can be used to represent the Vietnam War, the setting for the novel and a time of immense change in America.  Along with that, I would place the drawing or picture of a "Peace" Sign along with some bilboards or pictures of billboards of protests about the war (Some of these chants:  "1,2, 3, 4- We don't want your phony war!" or "Bring the troops home now!").  The protest of the war is a critical element in the novel, as it was in America.  Essentially, you can place nearly any item in the bag, so long as you are able to clearly identify its connection to the story or the characters.

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